Web Summit – Women in Tech

Ladies, it was a pleasure to connect with some of you at Web Summit.

I know it was a bit of a mad house at the Summit so it wasn’t easy to get to the meet up.

For those I did meet there is a little gift (sample) coming your way. For those who couldn’t make it, no problem, we can still chat!

The new tech approach to wellness is the revival of the ancient science of Healing the Body Through Food. It is my personal passion and you will find more information on this website where I will gradually add all the latest information I have researched about health and wellness.

For starters though let’s focus on what can be done in just 30 days:

Lose weight/body fat, cleanse at a cellular level, balance blood sugar, alkalise your gut, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve mental clarity and sleep.

If any of this sounds interesting, fill in the form below to receive the Personal Health Survey that we used at the Web Summit meetup and let’s start a conversation!



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