The Journey

Whether you eat well or eat on the run, whether you exercise a lot or a little, whether you lead a stressful life or know how to relax, we’re all still prone to toxic overload.

  • The foods we eat are not as pure and nutritious as they should be
  • Our diets are dominated by fast and processed foods
  • We breathe in toxins and pollutants from our environment
  • The products we put on our skin go directly into our blood stream
  • We’re overloaded by the chemicals in our cleaning products

So any program we undertake – to lose weight and/or to improve our health – must firstly focus on detoxifying and cleansing ourselves at a cellular level.

In as little as 30 days we can do that. With some simple changes, we can make a huge difference to our health, our weight, our energy, our mental/emotional well being and any medical condition.

Why did I choose 30 days for the title of this journey?

Two reasons:

  1. Many of the cells in our body renew within that time frame or are well underway to renewing in that time frame
  2. Thirty days is the amount of time it takes us to forge new patterns of behaviour and have them stick!

So join me here as we explore options. I dedicate all my spare time to researching this information so hopefully it provides you with some shortcuts.

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