Claire Schillaci – A Journey Through Food


I am not a nutritionist. I’ve learned a lot about it and am passionate about good health, but my true focus is food and feeding people. I am a self-confessed foodie! I love food and I love to cook.

In recent years I have enjoyed learning about the ancient-art-made-new-again, Healing the Body through Food.

In recent years, as I’ve battled with my own health issues, I realised that in spite of a good understanding of my body and about good food, I still did not have a handle on how to maintain my own health.

Having always been a very fit and (mostly) slim person, I was surprised to find my body almost breaking down. By age 50, and in the space of five years, I had had TWO back operations.

Stress and overwork had taken its toll and I was not in a good state, mentally or physically, to make a comeback.

The lengthy bouts of chronic pain had heightened my cortisol levels resulting in some very negative effects. Known as the stress hormone, cortisol serves an important purpose by increasing the availability of substances to repair tissues. Over a prolonged period however, the trade-off of over-active cortisol is that it puts you at an increased risk of blood sugar, heart and digestive issues. It can cause anxiety/depression, sleep disruption, headaches and memory/concentration impairment. And, to add insult to injury, it can contribute to substantial weight gain!

Then I discovered menopause! And whilst working my way through everything associated with this hormonal “storm”, I uncovered other health issues that also needed addressing.

Most notable was a hiatus hernia (a small hole at the top of the stomach) that doesn’t close and allows stomach acid to splash up into the chest area. The result for me was severe breathlessness, and it was suspected (and forgive my lay-person’s description) that the stomach acid was splashing up into my bronchioles and causing a constant low-grade bronchitis.

The bottom line: none of this has been life-threatening and I’ve been fortunate to have both good conventional, as well as alternative, medical support. But it has been, to say the least, very challenging.

Throughout all of this I did my best. I ate well but I ate too much. I didn’t take too many painkillers but I did drink too much wine! I soothed myself by indulging in “treats”. I had difficulty exercising so my movement and strength decreased.

“How was I going to overturn this though?”

What it finally came down to was applying all my knowledge of food and my love of nutrition and using it to heal myself.

So my mission (should I choose to accept it) was:

  1. To move more and get my body stronger and I had to do it safely without causing any more stress or structural damage
  2. To stop using alcohol as an anaesthetic and, well, just drink less!
  3. To get my body into a more alkaline state. This would do two things – by eliminating inflammation that could still be causing pain, as well as reduce the acid in my stomach that was getting through to my lungs
  4. I needed to eradicate wheat and sugar to reduce the toxic load those substances were creating in my body
  5. I needed to lose weight – to reduce the load my spine was carrying around AND to lose dangerous fat around my middle AND to restore internal balance for better digestion, blood sugar and hormonal function, as well as improve my sleep and mental function.

Hmmm…..I had a bit of work to do! But I was finally ready to do it!

And so, I did what I have always done, and turned to food, but this time with a whole new agenda – to heal my body!
Over the years I haven’t just researched food and cooking and health, I have been actively involved in it.

I’ve seen all the fads come and go, I’ve embraced many a new “lifestyle”, I’ve yo-yoed up and down the scales with the best of them and now I’m re-learning and applying all the best principles I know to heal my body and stay well.

My passion for food is endless and on this site you will find the best information I can find and vet and test that may help you on your own journey.

You can make good head-way on a journey to health in 30 days. You can learn essential tools and start applying them. You can change patterns of a lifetime. And if you stick to a plan you WILL see measurable results in your body within 30 days.

I remain an independent researcher and blogger and I provide a range of information about other healthy eating systems, blogs, sites and lifestyles. Good health is not a one-size-fits-all thing, so it’s important to seek out the right information for yourself and to make your own decisions.

Wherever you are in your life and whenever you choose to embark on a journey towards better health, I know it will be the right time and if I can help in any way, it would be my absolute pleasure.

Claire Schillaci

Disclosure: One of the most effective tools I have found for weight loss, reducing toxic load and re-balancing the body is Arbonne’s 30 Day to Healthy Living and Beyond program. Upon trying the program and seeing measurable results, I became an Independent Consultant for Arbonne and I now sell Arbonne products.

I say that up front as you will see a lot of information about these products on this website. I prioritise this information because the Arbonne program is something that I believe in and something that has genuinely worked for me and many others I know.